On the move or in need of clearing a house, office, storeroom, garage/shed or even just a few items, then we at ElliottsUK are here to help.

All it needs is a simple telephone call to us on 01202 848454 and we can quickly set things in motion.
Following an initial visit, where we can appraise what it is needed, we will provide you with a quotation – free of charge – which will set out what we can do for you and how much it should cost.
We will advise you on what items we would be able to sell and provide valuations. Residual items will be cleared by us leaving a house or property clear for future sale or needs.
We are a family-run business covering Wimborne and environs and have provided house clearance services to the public for many years.
For further and more detailed information, please call the ElliottsUK team on 01202 848454 or email us at info@ellliottsuk.co.uk